"A thoughtful decision today is considered an act of wisdom tomorrow."


Our Workman Funeral Homes, Inc. directors are always willing to meet with you and your family at one of our two locations or in the comfort of your own home to discuss all pre-planning needs. If you choose to pre-pay in full, these funds are placed in an account that cannot be used until the time of death and our costs are guarenteed. Workman Funeral Homes, Inc. utilizes SecurChoice, a pre-need funeral funding program whereby licensed Pennsylvania funeral directors utilize a bank trust, with PNC Bank as trustee. 

Planning for the future is a responsible and caring thing to do. It will relieve your loved ones of the emotional and financial burden and responsibility of planning your funeral while dealing with their own grief. It will also assure that the final arrangements will follow your wishes.

For more information, please see below for frequently asked questions about pre-planning or contact us to discuss options or set up an appointment.

How does pre-planning work?

One of our licensed funeral directors will guide you through the entire process. We will gather all needed information to follow your wishes and lessen the burden on your family. Our funeral directors are trained in:

Do I have to pay now?

No, you can pay any portion at any point. You can choose to pay as little or as much as you wish. If you choose to pre-fund in full, we will guarantee the cost of all our services and merchandise no matter when the death occurs in the future.

What if I pre-planned at another funeral home?

If you or a loved one would like to transfer your arrangements and funding to our funeral home, there is a simple process to follow. Arrangements from any funeral home are transferrable and our directors can guide you through the process.